In the beginning…

Since 1995 when my parents splurged and finally bought a computer and Nintendo for my brothers, sister, and I, I have been fascinated with technology and the internet. Over the past year, my fifth as a middle school English teacher, I began facilitating professional development workshops on integrating technology into the Language Arts curriculum for North Carolina. This summer, my goal was to become hyperconnected.

As a result, my brain is about to explode. But in the good way. I heard somewhere this summer that if you have an internet connection in the classroom, the teacher is no longer the smartest person in the room. That was something I intrinsically knew, but had never verbalized before. I also listened to Darren Kuropatwa and Clarence Fisher talk about one of the only things that limits educators are their imagination. If we cannot imagine it, we cannot do it.

The goal of all this is to imagine. As I have told my students every year, at the end of the school year, I will be the one who has learned the most. I feel the same way about this blog. Even though I’m the one writing, I want to learn the most. Thanks to David Truss and his BLC08 presentation “This, my blog has taught me.” What an inspiration.


One response to “In the beginning…

  1. A new blog is born! I’m honoured to have had you in my session at BLC08 and thrilled to see you take a step into a new learning direction.
    I’ve learned more meaningfully from having a blog over the past 2 years than I have in 22 years of institutional learning!
    I wish you all the best on this new adventure… I do hope you ‘learn the most’… the beauty of a blog is that a collective ‘we’ get to share in your learning too!

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