Thank you, Gary Brolsma, thank you

When discussing web 2.0 technology for the classroom, a conversation about YouTube inevitably arises. Many of our students would love nothing more than to spend entire days watching videos via the site. Alternatively, many of our parents and administrators spend days attempting to block student usage. While both sides of the debate offer valid arguments, there is likely no civil agreement in the future for most school districts.

With that being said, there hasn’t been anyone who has looked at YouTube from a research point of view. Until now. Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University, recently spoke at the Library of Congress presenting his findings of an anthropological study of the video platform. Previously, Wesch created a short summary of Web 2.0:

In his address, Wesch presents a cultural anthropologist’s perspective of the community of digital thinkers and the developing media in YouTube. This offers some amazing commentary on our personal learning networks and how we plug into them. Definitely great viewing.  Due to the fact that Wesch covers phenomena such as questionable language in the YouTube comment community, I’m chosen only to supply the link to the video rather than embed it.


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